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The Warrior


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I must confess: Prior to my first trip to Cody Wyoming, I had no interest in horses.  I guess I respected them and knew many people loved them.  At that time, to me, they were just animals that might be in a fence next to someone’s house. I had been a part-time portrait photographer for 8 years, and I photographed people; I had no interest in animals, buildings or sunsets.  










That all changed in about a minute when I came face to face with my first wild horse.  We were on the prairie in Wyoming and had been searching for over six hours trying to find a horse.  





I learned that these wild horses live in herds with only one dominant stallion.  The stallions must fight to stay in their herds, and over the years become quite beat up with scars.  As they get older, they are eventually replaced by younger, stronger stallions.  


This resonated with me. I was on furlough from my corporate sales job after Covid shut everything down. Not sure if I would have a career to come back to, my wife and I decided to drive to Yellowstone – maybe I could get some great bear pictures.  We pulled into Cody, Wyoming and learned there were wild horses in the area.  









The first wild horse was a mess, and I could tell he had a rough life. As I was taking pictures of him, he kept coming closer walking straight towards me.   I felt a special connection with this horse, as I too was getting older and not sure of my place in this world. How would I stay relevant in my world and my career?





A few weeks later I was officially laid off.  It was scary but also invigorating, finally feeling like I could make the jump into full-time photography.  I thought of that rugged horse, still fighting to make a life for himself.


In just matter of days, I went from zero interest to having a passion for these beautiful, strong animals.  Forever, some of my favorite memories will be my time with my wife discovering, observing and photographing these amazing animals.


I sell my horse pictures all over the country, and The Warrior is now my #1 most popular piece!







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