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A Throw-Away Pic (or so I thought)

I took this picture in January, 2021. To me, it was a throw-away picture. I just didn’t like it at all in its original form out of the camera. I was helping my next-door neighbor Mike to help him edit and print some of his vacation pictures. Something came up about one of his pictures and I told him I wanted to show him a pic that I had just completely failed on. So I started looking for this picture on my hard drive. I found it a pulled it up and he loved it. I began telling him all of the things that were wrong with the picture and he wouldn't listen and just said he wanted a copy of that picture. I gave him a copy then spent a couple of days thinking about it. I went and started doing some editing to the picture and came up with the photo in this blog post. I have sold numerous prints of this shot, and without Mike it would still be sitting on my hard drive never to be seen. I have always said if I had any sense of style and taste I would not dress the way I do. Thanks, Mike!

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